Don’t give up your daily coffee

Now as you might be aware I love coffee and you will often see me down at Cronulla Grind enjoying a morning cuppa but there has been lots of talk about giving up your daily coffee to help pay off your home loan faster. I would love to say I could do this but there is no way I could, so if you want to save on your home loan and NOT give up your coffee you are better to look at what rate you are paying and consider refinancing.

Refinancing to a better rate will in most cases save you much more than $3.50 a day Example:

If you refinance for .5% better rate on a $500,000 home or Investment loan you would save around $2,500 per year in interest ( $6.80 saving per day ) and I guess if you could give up that cuppa + the extra interest saved, your savings per year would be $3759 per year.

So as you can see simply moving your home loan or investment loan to a better rate will save you lots of money and you can still keep those life’s luxury’s

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